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Roofing material isn't something most homeowners think about - until, of course, you need a quality roof that will last a lifetime. Developed through years of experience in the harshest of Australia's weather conditions, our roof tiles are made with naturally inspired colours from world-class materials, ready to adapt to your personal style.

Discover the difference with La Escandella European terracotta roof tiles, the pinnacle in roofing style and class. 

Introducing Volt - Australian engineered roof solar tiles. Volt solar tiles integrate with Bristile Roofing's Terracotta Planum and concrete Prestige, Premiere and Eton profiles.

Roof sarking helps protect your roof from wind driven rain and draughts, as well as providing compliance to BAL bush fire ember attack.

Roof sarking helps protect your roof from wind driven rain and draughts, as well as providing compliance to BAL bush fire ember attack.

Roof ventilation reduces the buildup of heat in your roof space and allows your insulation to work far more efficiently.

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Our expert team will help you select materials and finishes to match your style. This is your chance to bring your design plans to life and create the basis of your dream home. 

Try iVisualise - Our Virtual Design Tool

We can make the design process easier and assist you with your design decisions. See your dream home in a fully detailed, realistic 3D digital model before installation, rebuilding or construction.

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Bristile Roofing

There's a good reason why our roof tiles remain one of the most enduring roofing materials in Australia; they're designed to be visually powerful and last a lifetime. Committed to sustainability, Bristile Roofing uses environmentally friendly non-solvent based coatings on our roof tiles.

A good concrete or terracotta roof tile lasts a long time, reduces energy consumption, offers fire resistance, and all-year-round insulation and protection for you and your loved ones. Every Bristile tile created is also made from environmentally friendly materials, promoting a sustainable future.

Whatever the shape and scale of your project, we guarantee our roof tiles will elevate your home from the everyday to the exceptional.

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